Wood Decking

Wood Decking

Depending on the kind of wood decking chosen, your wood deck can either enhance your home or become an eyesore. There are several options available but using pressure-treated wood makes perfect sense because it will resist rot and also repel pests. On the other hand, if you go with green colored lumber your deck will not look good and will also contain unhealthy pesticides as well. It is therefore important to learn a little bit more about what it takes to pick the most suitable wood decking.

Pretty and durable

To construct a deck that is safe and also attractive, it is important that you learn to pick wood that is pretty and also durable. This wood should be used for the railings, floors and also the steps. You can build your frame and its supports with pressure-treated wood. When choosing wood decking you may want to check out the tropical rainforest woods but choose only those woods that have the Forest Stewardship Council trademark as this will certify the fact that the wood was obtained through responsible harvesting methods.

Western Red Cedar wood

Western Red Cedar wood is a good option for your wood decking. It is reddish brown in color and when it ages, it will turn silvery gray. However, this is softwood that will easily splinter but is able to resist wet weather conditions and the heat as well as cold and even harsh sunlight. If you use this wood decking option, you can beautify the deck by adding some penetrating stain to it.


Redwood shares the same characteristic as cedar in that it is soft lumbar which will also turn gray on aging. If this wood is exposed over a prolonged period of time to moisture the wood will turn black in color. However, it does resist rot and looks even more attractive after you have used sealer on it.

Philippine mahogany

Philippine mahogany is a good option for your wood decking. It is hardwood that has a tight grain and is able to resist rot as well as pests. It should be treated with some marine oil as this will help to make the wood look like teak. When it ages, mahogany will turn into a silvery color. Be sure to only use mahogany that has the Forest Stewardship Council trademark.


Ipe is the most magical of all South American derived hardwoods. It is especially useful as it can resist bugs and rot and the wood itself is hard and does not burn too easily either. Again, before purchasing this wood decking product, be sure that it has the Forest Stewardship Council trademark.

After picking your wood decking product it is then time to learn how to build the deck. This is quite a time consuming and difficult task. Your first task is to pick the right kind of wood for your wood decking. Next, be sure that you learn how to treat the wood so that it is able to resist weather conditions, fungus as well as insects.

Be sure to get hold of the right kind of tools and it is also important to learn about how the planks must be oriented. Lastly, learn how to nail down the wood boards in the proper fashion.

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