Pool Decking

Pool Decking

Pool decking can take a number of different forms including tile, wood and granite as well as composite. For those homeowners that have an ingrained swimming pool, it makes sense to check out all the different decking materials which can be used in pool decking. Before constructing your pool decking, it is important to ensure that there is plenty of space available in the backyard and it also pays to keep in mind the fact that such form of decking is really a luxury that not everyone can afford.

Composites and woods

If you choose tiles or granite for your pool decking material, you will get to construct an attractive deck but the costs involved can be very high. Also, constructing and installing such decking can be a time consuming affair which is why it pays to look at alternative materials. Composites and woods are good options.

Why use wood?

A wood pool decking can look very elegant but suffers from a drawback which is that the wood can become very slippery when the surface becomes wet and in addition, wood can also easily splinter and this can lead to injuries to the feet.

Composite is Longer lasting

Composite pool decking is another option that is quite costly but this form of decking is liked because it lasts for a very long time. Such decking will also look like and feel like genuine wood but it will not be prone to rotting or splintering. The good part about using composite deck materials is that these are generally also slip resistant and so are a perfect choice for your swimming pool decking.

If you plan on purchasing your pool decking, then you should remember that it pays to buy all the necessary materials at one go. In this way, the manufacturer of the materials will be able to offer you the right color which will not deviate across any of the materials.

The good part about constructing pool decking is that this kind of decking does not require much maintenance and you also do not need to be worried about the material rotting. In addition, this material does not need to be painted or stained because it tends to maintain its original color.

However, when creating your pool decking, it is important to understand that you cannot afford to place the planks too tightly together. This is because this decking will be placed close to the ground level and so requires that you leave about a sixth of an inch of space between the planks as this will in circulating the air. In addition, it helps the water from the elements to drain away. If the planks are placed too tightly together there would not be space for the water to drain out and this can also lead to the planks buckling and swelling and in this way it will mar the appearance of the deck.

When you choose composite materials for your pool decking you also benefit because the chemicals and chlorine from the pool will not do any harm to the composite material.

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