Non Slip Decking

Non Slip Decking

Non slip decking helps in resolving safety and health issues. Over the recent past, there has been a growth in use of timber decking which is widely being used in commercial and domestic applications. There no doubts the fact that grooved timber is very strong structurally and it also is hard wearing and is pretty to look at but at the same time it has a major flaw. This flaw is that when it rains or in frosty conditions or even when leaves fall on the deck, it will become very slippery as well as treacherous. This poses a serious health as well as safety issue which can only be resolved with the help of the right non slip decking.


Gripdeck has the perfect answer for those who are interested in using non slip decking as their decking is safe and will provide stability as well. Gripdeck is a pioneering company that was one of the first to provide non slip decking by adding anti-slip elements to their timber decking. To date, they have produced more than 500000 meters of anti-slip elements that have been used by not only Gripdeck but by other companies that sell timber decking as well.


Gripsure is another option for those who are looking for non slip decking. The company is the leading manufacturer as well as supplier of non slip decking in the United Kingdom. They have the widest range of profiles and boards and can provide a solution for every kind of project. They have a variety of top class timber decking including softwood and also hardwood. The company specializes in selling Scandinavian Redwood Vths which is grown slowly to provide maximum performance and strength. Gripsure supplies non slip decking which is fast becoming the premier choice of homeowners and professionals alike.


Rubadeck non slip decking has been developed in order to reduce dangers that are posed by the traditional decking products. Rubadeck has succeeded in combining the timber deckboard that is milled from sustainable forests with the best rubber inlay and this has helped the company to produce the best non slip decking. The company supplies its non slip decking in either 2.1 meter or 4.2 meter lengths and offers four different color options and is able to deliver the product anywhere in the UK and offers discounts to buyers that purchase in bulk. The Rubadeck non slip decking can be fitted very easily and buyers can use their fitting guide to complete the installation on their own.

Easy non slip decking solution

Easy non slip decking solution from GRP Technical Solutions gives old wood a new life. Most decks look good when they are dry but will become slippery when they become wet. Even in spite of treating the decking it can still become slippery in wet conditions. However, with an application of Easy non-slip decking solution, you can transform your decking into a low maintenance deck which will not slip for the rest of the year. This product is non slip and can be applied without much fuss or bother and is very durable as well. It is ideal for DIY projects.

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