PVC Decking

PVC Decking

The right PVC decking along with color matched railing and a surface that has been especially engineered to provide superior service will help in enhancing the beauty of any home. In addition, such decking options will also offer benefits such as low maintenance. Whether you wish to replace your old deck or even if you wish to add a new one, a good PVC decking can provide you with the perfect solution.

Low maintenance

The good part about constructing PVC decking is that it not only does not require much maintenance but will also not warp or rot or crack or even splinter and it will also not stain. Good PVC decking with a special engineered deck surface also does not absorb any moisture as it is build with a solid structure that does not contain any wood or foam fillers.

No constraints

In addition, it bears keeping in mind the fact that when using wood or composite decking materials you will be constrained in having to use sixteen or twelve inch centers. With PVC decking however, the boards are very strong and so can span greater lengths such as 24 inches. This will certainly go a long way in helping you to save on having to use additional lumber for the deck frame and in the process also ensures that you do not need to put in too much effort either. This results in lower labor costs.

Solid structure

A good PVC decking will also have its own special tongue & groove installation that helps in creating a solid structure which in turn goes a long way in ensuring that your family and you will enjoy a safe as well as strong structure that can last for an entire lifetime. The best part about picking the right PVC decking is that this will be backed by a lifetime guarantee which is a major benefit that you get when you buy or construct this kind of decking.

The good part about installing a PVC decking is that the installation is very easy and you can also make use of 24 inch centers. This means that it is possible to build a durable yet beautiful deck with the help of a very small number of components. At the very least, you are spared the need of making use of costly fasteners as well as spacers.

When you compare PVC decking with wood decking you will notice that the former offers a number of benefits. It is a maintenance free option and provides both color stability as well as is dry rot and fungus free. These are benefits that you will not get if you choose to build a wood decking. In addition, PVC decking does not absorb moisture and cleaning it only requires using garden hoses or power washers.

PVC decking will also not stain. It is also a decking option that is made out of recycled as well as reclaimed wood and some plastic. The end result is that you get a material that offers the best that wood and plastic are able to offer. The plastic content creates a shield that protects the wood content from insect and water damage. All in all, there are several good reasons to opt for PVC decking including the fact that this decking does not rot or crack or even splinter.

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