Balau Decking

Balau Decking

Balau is a tropical hardwood that offers those who are looking for a good decking material a chance to use material that is extremely durable. In many ways, Balau decking is very much like teak decking because of the many similarities between Balau and teak. However, Balau decking is a much more affordable option as compared to teak decking. Balau offer a very fine as well as even texture and the color of this heartwood is generally grey brown or even dark brown.

Yellow Balau

Yellow Balau is wood that originates in Malaysia as well as in several other South East Asian countries. It is the perfect material for decking. This is why people should consider constructing with a Balau decking as it offers many benefits. The most impressive thing about Balau decking is that its color is truly beautiful and it also provides natural tones. Yellow Balau is obviously of yellowish-brown color but it is also available in darker shades as well as in reddish brown.

Very Durable

Balau decking is a good option because it is very durable. In addition, Balau is also very hard and is strong and so will ensure that not only will your Balau decking look attractive but it will also last you for a number of decades. Another reason why you should choose balau decking is because Balau is a wood that is very easy to work with.

Practical solution

Balau decking is also very practical and is a perfect solution for those who do not want to spend too much money or put in too much effort in constructing their decks. In these days when everyone is becoming very environmentally conscious, using Balau decking is a good idea. It offers sustainability and once the Balau has been pretreated it will offer long years of reliable service and will be virtually impervious to weather conditions.

Easy to construct

It is easy to construct with Balau decking and you only need minimum equipment and a few DIY tools to complete the construction. This feature ensures that the Balau decking is within reach of everyone. It is not surprising to learn that today yellow Balau has become one of the most popular of all species of hardwood decking in all of the UK. There are several options available to those who are looking for this particular kind of decking material.

Yellow Balau offers maximum durability and is very hard wearing and when it is not treated it will offer natural resistance to weather as well as decay. The color of this timber is natural golden brown but this can fade away (on exposure to the elements) when it will turn silvery gray in color.

It is a good idea to treat your balau decking with some deck oil which will ensure that the timber remains supple and it will also go a long way in adding to the natural beauty of the timber's grain. This balau decking material costs approximately 2.25 pounds per meter plus Vat. This price pertains to balau decking that is 19 x 90 millimeters reeded and/or smooth pack.

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