Outdoor Decking

Outdoor Decking

Outdoor decking is widely being accepted as a durable yet pretty alternative to the traditional style of decking. However, there is more to constructing an outdoor deck than simply pouring concrete and cobbling together some boards. There are many options available that you will want to check out. For example, you need to choose a suitable material which could be wood or composite or even concrete. In case you go with wood you need to find out what kind and you also need to decide on the right shape for your deck.

Wood or plastic

In regard to choosing the correct material for your outdoor decking, you will mainly want to check whether it pays to use wood or construct a plastic deck. The latter option is popular because plastic has the ability to resist decay. However, wood decks are very attractive and this is one of the reasons that most people opt for a wooden outdoor decking option. Still, there are wood and plastic composites that offer the best of both wood as well as plastic and are also excellent because they are durable and last for a long time.

Withstand the elements

It is important to keep in mind the fact that outdoor decking should be such that it is able to withstand not only the elements but also a lot of use. Remember also that the materials that are used for indoor use require extensive maintenance. However, when choosing materials for outdoor decking you need to find something that can withstand a heavy beating from the elements and from environmental factors as well as kids and dogs. Such materials tend to require a lot more maintenance but if you pick a proper material this can be reduced quite drastically.

Withstand abuse

Outdoor decking has to withstand abuse and it must be able to resist the sun as well as rains. Wood is a very popular option but it tends to wear out very fast. Natural outdoor decking is a good option as it offers sturdiness and is attractive and you can work with it quite easily. It is also available in many different qualities and in different price range as well.

Pressure treated wood outdoor decking is the best option these days. Such wood has special features that help it to resist rot as well as insect damage. Red Cedar wood is perhaps the best option for your outdoor decking. Ipe wood is a great option as well and this hardwood that comes from South America is very dense and tightly grained and is dark colored and does not contain any knots. This wood is extremely hard and very beautiful. However, working on it can be difficult but it is also almost indestructible. It is also very expensive.

Wood composite outdoor decking is a good option and one that is becoming very popular these days. It offers longevity and is also eco-friendly and can give natural wood a run for its money in terms of appearance as well as ease of use.

Ultimately, it is up to you to pick the right material for your outdoor decking. Factors such as budget, appearance and tolerance must be looked at before making a final decision.

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