Eco Decking

Eco Decking

Eco decking happens to be a composite timber that combines wood waste that is recycled with some amount of PVC resins. The end result is a product that is going to last for a long time and which will also be very strong. This is what helps to make eco decking the most sought after product that can do more than the best wood or even PVC products. Manufacturers of eco decking are so confident about their products that they will even offer warranties that extend for up to twenty years.

Competitively priced

The good part about using eco decking is that it is very competitively priced and in addition, these products also do not require much maintenance and eco decking is also UV protected making it capable of maintaining its color as well as integrity of material. There will not be any need to repaint it or stain or even seal it. Furthermore, eco decking is also resistant to mildew and to insects and it does not rot easily and does not even require to be replaced.

Using waste materials

Another good reason for using eco decking is that it will ensure that you are using products that make use of waste materials and in this way you will be contributing toward conserving resources and also reducing solid waste which would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Responsible choice

When you choose to use eco decking, it shows that you are serious about making a more responsible choice. This is because it is the most environmentally friendly choice in regard to picking the best high quality decking product. In fact, if you compare eco decking with softwoods that are sourced locally and hardwoods that are imported, you will realize that these require a lot of maintenance whereas with eco decking there is practically no maintenance to worry about.

Picking this option also means that you will not be contributing (even indirectly) to illegal logging as well as deforestation. In fact, this product will show that you are consciously objecting to the use of illegal as well as legal hardwood deforestation that is at this very moment destroying many forests and villages in different parts of the world.

Manufacturers of eco decking make sure that they use recycled materials. In fact, such products are almost entirely made from recycled materials. There is a fifty percent content of reclaimed plastic and the remainder is made up of reclaimed wood. In order to create such eco decking products, manufacturers even stock thousands of tons of plastic and wood scrap which they obtain from landfills on an annual basis.

These manufacturers make best use of recycled materials and convert them into the most durable and stylish products that will stand you in good stead for a very long time. The good part about using eco decking is that this will not warp or splinter or even fade away as is the case with traditional timber. The result is that eco decking reduces the unnecessarily wasteful cycle of replacement and repair and it also obviates the need to repaint or seal or even stain the decking.

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