Steel Decking

Steel Decking

There is an adage that says that a chain will only be as strong as its weakest link. This should help you realize that the main reason for deck failure is normally the poor condition of its hardware. So, it makes sense to invest in quality hardware which provide additional safety as well as ensure better longevity as well. Constructing a deck can be an expensive undertaking. At the same time, more and more people want to buy deck surfaces that will be longer lasting and so will use tropical hardwood and even plastic composites. Though these are good options as they are believed to be maintenance free as well as cost effective, the best choice is to go for steel decking.

Perfect choice

There are several good reasons why it pays to opt for steel decking. Stainless steel happens to be the perfect choice for your decking as it lasts for a tremendously long time and that too without needing to stain the surface. In addition, steel decking is more affordable. It also pays to take into account the fact that not even one percent of the total decking cost is spent on materials, posts, joists, labor, railings and fasteners. This is certainly very inexpensive but even though paying for stainless steel fasteners will cost more this additional cost is justified because of the long term beauty as well as improved structural integrity offered by them.

Part nickel, part chrome alloy

Steel decking is made from stainless steel that is part nickel as well as part chrome alloy. In addition, there are a number of different steel alloys with each one having its own unique properties. The most common material used in steel decking is that of AISI grade ranging from 302 to 304 and from 305 and 316 stainless steel grades. The grades 304, 302 and 305 are believed to contain eight percent nickel and eighteen percent chromium. As the percentage of nickel goes up the steel will be better suited for high chlorides environs like are found near the sea and at pool-sides.


Steel decking is a good option because it offers maximum durability and it will not warp even when tested by extraneous conditions. Steel decking is also much stronger structurally and offers superior stability as well. Steel is a proven material that has passed tests in commercial and industrial applications and can withstand any kind of challenge. This can be seen from the fact that skyscrapers are generally built in steel and the same is the case with walkways and steps. This is why it pays to opt for steel decking.

The bottom line about using steel decking is that it will offer longer lasting service and is very durable and it gives you more flexibility when designing your deck. The only real reason why steel decking is not so widely used is because it is an expensive proposition. It is also ideally suited for industrial applications and it offers additional benefits such as being virtually maintenance free and does not require any major upkeep either.

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