Plastic Decking

Plastic Decking

Plastic decking can prove to be a good option. It is basically composite material in which plastic forms one of the major components while the other components generally include reclaimed wood. Plastic decking can include a variety of plastics and the type included will depend on the manufacturer of the decking material. This kind of decking option goes beyond simply including recycled materials but it also provides you with one of the longest lasting materials for your decking. It also offers a number of advantages that are not available in other decking materials.

Different compositions

The wood that goes into the making of plastic decking will vary a lot more than the plastic content. It is quite normal for recycled plastic pop bottles to be used while the wood content that goes into the plastic decking is generally a fiber or sawdust material. If there is polypropylene mix in the plastic decking then it will generally be mixed with oak. Some manufacturers choose to include waste wood while others might want to make use of cedar.

Not dangerous

There are several good reasons to choose plastic decking. One is that it is not dangerous as is the case with plastic treated lumber decking. So, when you use plastic oriented decking you will find that it is safer for use by children and also by pets. The wood content of the plastic decking will however weather over a period of time and this will make it change its color ever so slightly.

Less maintenance

The best part about using plastic decking is that it requires very little maintenance. There is also no need to stain it or even paint it but this is something that you can do if you so desire. There is no problem with rotting and insect infestations because plastic resists both admirably well. The only real problem is that if you do not wash the decking material regularly it can become slightly susceptible to mildew and mold. When painting or staining it, be sure to pick a high quality paint or stain that must also be oil based.

The only real downside to using plastic decking is that it is costlier as compared to wood decking. However, it pays to look at more than just the amount that you have to invest initially. This is because plastic decking will outlast your home and will remain in good condition for longer than an average person's lifetime. This is something that you will not find in wood decking.

So, all you have to do is invest in plastic decking and then there is very little expense after that. The only real maintenance work required is that of giving the decking a regular wash. Other than that there is nothing else that you have to do. At the same time, it will offer you a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your family and friends. This is why it has become so popular among everyone and it is also available in a variety of colors. It is also very durable and it is easy to install as well.

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