Floor Decking

Floor Decking

Floor decking is something that includes a number of materials that will be used in the structure of a decking and which is normally also used to make up the surface of a walkway. In a majority of cases, floor decking is made from materials as diverse as wood and plastic as well as metal and even composite materials. It pays to take a closer look at each of these materials in some detail.

Wood and plastic

Wood floor decking is not very costly but it suffers from a major drawback in that it requires quite a lot of maintenance and it also requires frequent repairs. Plastic decking on the other hand is costlier than a majority of wooden decking options but it also provides much longer service and does not require as much maintenance as wood decking.

Artificial looks

Plastic floor decking does however look quite artificial. At the same time, it can also contract and also expand whenever there is a significant change in the weather. Metal decking is an option but one that is quite expensive and will set you back more money as compared to using wood or plastic decking. However, metal decking is a good option for any application that makes high demands such as happens in the industrial environment.

Composite decking

Composite decking is another option for those who are looking for floor decking. However, this material is quite expensive and is certainly costlier than wood. At the same time, it is not as costly as plastic and even metal. Just like metal and plastic decking, composite decking also does not require much maintenance and in this regard it beats out wood that is a material that requires considerable amount of maintenance.

Plastic floor decking is generally made from HDPE or high-density polyethylene and even from LDPE or low-density polyethyelene. There are also a few floor decking suppliers that are willing to sell you products that are made out of polystyrene or even polyvinyl chloride. Other suppliers might be willing to sell you plastic lumber that is made from a variety of recycled plastics.

To ensure that these floor decking products give you better service, floor decking suppliers often find it necessary to use fiberglass or even resins to reinforce the plastic lumber. Steel decks are also another option for those who want a good floor decking. This product is made from cold-formed and corrugated sheets and will be supported by joists made out of steel.

Floor decking that is made out of steel often needs to be treated with zinc and must also be tested to ensure that it is of sufficiently good quality. When picking floor decking made out of steel you will find that the physical properties and dimensions of this will vary according to requirements.

The bottom line is that when picking floor decking, be sure to pick something that is strong and easy to maintain and which provides a good grip as well. Floor decking is important as it lends an aesthetic touch to the most visible part of a structure.

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