Recycled Decking

Recycled Decking

When the weather turns warm enough for people to get outside, a nice deck can make things very pleasant indeed. A deck out in the open is a great place to hold a backyard barbeque and it is also a great place to relax. Another way of relaxing is to find some recycled decking that you can use to construct a deck on your own. There are numerous companies out there that along with green-oriented architects and homebuilders will help you to get the most out of a recycled decking.

Several advantages

There are several advantages to using recycled decking. This decking option is, in many ways, superior to the traditional style pressure-treated cedar, redwood or pine decking. In fact, most recycled decking types are made from recycled plastics and perhaps even wood products which together lead to creating a composite consisting of woods and polymer.

Impervious to moisture

Recycled decking is absolutely impervious to the ill-effects of moisture as well as insects and does not need to be treated with preservatives or stain or even sealants. Such decking materials are available in various colors and textures which you can pick according to how well they complement the exteriors of your home. In addition, when you go for recycled decking, you get a deck that is stable dimensionally and it will also not swell or delaminate or even shrink, warp, twist or rot.

Many uses

Recycled decking products can be used for a variety of purposes but decking is a major application. These decking products can easily be screwed and cut as well as nailed and even glued together as well as joined with the help of hidden fasteners. The main reason why it pays to use recycled decking is that it can bend and so makes it possible for you to create round decks from it. You can also create circular plastic railings.

Today, there are numerous companies that are testing out and developing improved recycled decking products. These companies make use of the strictest environmental standards to ensure that they are able to produce hundred percent recycled products for unlimited uses. It would be fair to say that recycled decking has indeed come of age and is now widely being used for a variety of building projects.

Some of the other reasons why it pays to purchase recycled decking include that you will get a free lifetime warranty and there is no need to do any annual sealing or staining. It offers greater stability and there is no need to worry that your deck will crack or peel or even twist and warp. The best part about using recycled decking is that it is good for the environment.

Recycled decking (plastic variety) can be set up very easily. It is sold as kits that you can hook together in just a few basic steps. It is important to compare recycled decking with wood decking because the former certainly provides benefits that you will not get with the latter option. Furthermore, the former option also helps to ensure that the environment benefits because nothing has to be chopped down and secondly it is made from recycled matter.

Wood decks require more maintenance and are also not good for the environment as it has to be cut down. recycled decking also does not splinter which can happen with a wood decking.

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