Teak Decking

Teak Decking

Teak decking is an excellent option because it is made from natural and a very beautiful hardwood that you can use for a number of landscaping purposes. Teak is widely used for decking and since it is such an excellent wood it offers much more than visual beauty because it also provides sturdiness and durability.

Homes and commercial use

Teak decking can easily be used for homes and for commercial uses and it is also used for public amenities where outdoor flooring is a necessity to walk on. In fact, there are a number of uses for teak decking especially in homes which need a touch of character and beauty. Teak decking can be used for patios, pergolas, courtyards, sunrooms, greenhouses, pool areas, verandas, balconies, spa areas, gazebos, kids play areas, staircases and barbeque areas as well as for sidewalks and even walkways.

Best wood grade

All these applications have compelled homeowners that wish to add outdoor deckings or who wish to replace an existing one to go in for teak decking. Even a new home should have a teak decking as this wood offers maximum numbers of benefits. For example, teak is hardwood that is also considered to be the best wood grade and it offers excellent performance and does not require much maintenance either.

Enormous strength

Teak wood has enormous strength and is extremely durable and is also very versatile. It also produces its own supply of natural oils and this means that you will not have to use sealant on your teak decking or any other form of preservative either. This ability to produce its own oils ensures that your teak decking will not be infected by insects and the wood will also not crack or warp.

Teak wood is also naturally resistant to water and so will not suffer from water damage. It is also slip resistant and so your teak decking will be safe to use even in wet conditions. Teak wood is also available in single units (vertical) and it is also available in diagonal/straight tiles as well as patterns. If you wish to keep your teak decking looking good at all times you need to take care of it.

In order to care for your teak decking, it is important to wash its surface with mild soap; however, avoid using harsh cleaners which will only end up depriving the wood of its oils. You should also mix a cup or ammonia with equal amount of laundry detergent (must not have bleach in it) and a gallon of water which is mildly warm. This mixture can be used to remove sealants prior to applying fresh sealant.

In order to apply the teak sealer you should make use of a sponge brush. Use a cloth to remove the excess amount of sealant until you notice a matt finish. To restore oil in the teak decking you need to make use of teak oil containing Tung oil which should then be applied to the teak decking. It is important that the oil has some Tung oil in it; if it does not contain this oil, then the application will not be able to restore the teak oil in your teak decking. Use a sponge to apply this oil and allow each and every coat to sit for between 3 and 4 hours. Three coats is the recommended amount that has to be applied.

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