Metal Decking

Metal Decking

Metal decking is usually placed on top of a joist and is interlocked in order to create a strong but light as well as low maintenance decking. The most common type of metal decking is the one that is made from aluminum. This particular option involves 4 powder-coated color options that include gray, white, clay and buckskin and is backed by a lifetime guarantee. There are several good reasons to pick a metal decking that is made from aluminum.


First of all, aluminum is very strong and it can also be placed quite easily on joists that are spaced at two feet distance. In the case of a decking made from lumber or composite material that distance of the joists has to be much closer and in fact is limited to just a foot or sixteen inches. The best part about using metal decking is that this does not require much maintenance work. All that is really required is to sweep it down or hose it and it will remain clean after that.

Not heavy

Metal decking also offers another advantage which is that it is not so heavy and is far lighter as compared to a two by six board of wood or even composite material. If you have chosen to make use of metal decking then you should understand how to install this in the proper manner.

Fasten boards

To install such decking it is necessary to fasten each board to a wood or steel or even aluminum floor joists. The installation can be completed by making use of No. 10 screws and all that is necessary is to make use of a screw for each point of fastening. Besides the installation of metal decking it is also important to take into account a few other important issues.

Costlier option

First and foremost, it is necessary to understand that this kind of decking is more expensive than a comparable wood or even composite decking. The costs of metal decking can vary from between five pounds per square foot to as low as approximately 3 pounds per square foot. It is also important to choose the right size.

Longer lasting

Metal decking is superior to other decking options because it offers longer lasting features and of course does not require any major maintenance work. Steel is an option that many people prefer in their metal decking. Whether you pick aluminum or steel, one feature that both share is that they are lighter and yet very strong. Depending on type of decking, you will need to look at different sizes and thicknesses as well as styling.

The F-Deck is really a rib decking of an alternate type and is even and provides a ribbed look. This particular kind of metal decking has been used for a pretty long time and is a standard type that is widely used. The N-deck has a long span and is generally a decking option that is chosen when you need to cover larger areas. Finally, the composite metal decking is an option that provides a more permanent kind of fit and is mainly used in those buildings that have several stories or walkways or even platforms.

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