Anti Slip Decking

Anti Slip Decking

Today, both commercial as well as domestic locations are making use of timber decks which have become a very popular choice. The trouble with a conventional timber decking is that it can become too slippery during wet weather conditions and so there is a greater danger that a person can easily slip on such decking and injure themselves. A few decking manufacturers have understood this danger and have come up with solutions in the form of anti slip decking.

John Brash

John Brash is one such manufacturer that has recognized the dangers of slippery decking and have come up with better decking solutions that offer enhanced grip. They have come up with JB Antislip Plus ® that has been especially designed to offer the customer anti slip decking that is durable and also very effective in preventing slips. Even during especially wet conditions, this anti slip decking helps to minimize the chance or risk of slipping.

JB Antislip Plus ® is made from a special formula that makes use of aggregate inserts that are resin based and which is injected into the grooves of the deck boards. In case you need to use smooth boards, then the grooves will be specifically machined into the board so that they can still receive the inserts. John Brash actually recommends using such anti slip decking in places which are more likely to be accessed by the public and also where there is high traffic. In fact, JB Antislip Plus® is also available in different varieties including as treated Softwood and ThermoWood® as well as Western Red Cedar.


RubaDeck claims that it is the next generation in decking and can offer safe and anti-slip as well as low impact decking. When traditional decking is exposed to the weather conditions in Britain or is used in those areas that have trees and plants, the surface can quickly turn very slippery and become dangerous on account of standing water, leaf residue and moss.

Fortunately, RubaDeck anti slip decking is there to remove many of these dangers as it offers decking that is made from a combination of traditional style deck board and rubber inlays. Anti slip decking from RubaDeck is the creation of industry experts and has also been tested by assessors (independent.) There are several good reasons to choose RubaDeck anti slip decking. These include:


This anti slip decking solution is also very easy to install and all you need to complete its installation is the right and regular type of woodworking tools. Nothing special is required and this anti slip decking is also elegant as well as easy to maintain. It is equally useful in commercial applications as for domestic usage and is backed by a fifteen year guarantee against fungal decay and rot.

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