How to Construct Decking

How to Construct Decking

If a person is looking to learn how to construct decking, then there are certain basic steps that they will need to follow. Of course, the way that the decking is constructed can vary according to individual needs but there are certain steps that will always need to be followed. When it comes to understanding how to construct decking, there are certain methods that can be applied and which will provide good results. These methods have been tried and tested and will conform to established construction standards. However, the most important part about the construction project is its framework which consists of foundation posts, main bearers or beams, joists and deck boards.


To learn how to construct decking, it is important to first become familiar with the things that go into the framework. The foundation posts for example are the major supports for the entire decking and will be absorbing the load bearing from the boards used in the decking. The main bearers or beams are structural members that play an intermediate role by transferring dead loads of the joists. The joists are generally hundred millimeters by fifty millimeters and are made from completely treated softwoods.

Deck boards

The deck boards are the upper surface of the deck which can be seen by the naked eye and which is available in a variety of timbers including hardwood and softwood varieties and are available in different sizes as well.

Lumber requirements

To learn how to construct decking, it is also important to check what kind of lumber requirements are necessary. Usually, this means purchasing items such as stringers, posts, bearers, joists, boundary joists and decking as well as nails, connectors, bolts and concrete.

When learning how to construct decking, be sure to understand how the stringer is fixed. The stringer is the beam on which the joists will be sitting or will be attached to and which is bolted to the property. It is also important to dig about 5 footing holes which should 12" by 12" by 12" deep and these should be of a suitable dimension.

Once this is done, the next part that has to be addressed when learning how to construct decking is fixing the bearers to each of the posts. For this, take the posts and trim them to a proper height and then sit the bearer on top of each post while ensuring that the join is positioned on top of the post.

Now, it is time to understand the next part about learning how to construct decking which is to fix the joists. For this, take the first joist and fix it to the end of the stringer. It is important the joist is positioned at ninety degrees to the property and once this is done, you can nail it to the bearer.

After this, you will need to find out what else is required in respect of learning how to construct decking. The next stage is that of laying out the deck which should be done from the building side out and make sure that no gaps are left between the 1st board and the building. This will prevent moisture from becoming entrapped.

To complete the lesson on how to construct decking, the last act is that of fixing the boundary joists. For this take the joist ends and cut them vertically and flushes with the exterior edge of the last of the decking boards. Be sure to nail the boundary joists around the deck's perimeter.

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