Decking Oils

Decking Oils

When it comes to choosing the right decking oils, one should pay attention to the benefits of using anti-slip decking oils. This kind of oil provides an oil based finish which helps to improve the durability of the surface and it also helps in protecting the surface from mould and algae and even from fungal attacks. These decking oils will also obviously ensure that there is less risk of a person slipping on the surface.

Clear and satin finish

The right kind of anti-slip decking oils will provide a clear and satin finish which will at the same time offer a bit of ultraviolet protection as well and in this way will ensure that the surface does not turn gray too easily. It is well known that decking will undergo considerable battering right through the year as it will be exposed to various factors. Therefore, it is important to treat the surface so that it does not become slippery and this is when it pays to apply some anti-slip decking oil.

Non-traditional anti-slip product

When choosing the right kind of oil, be sure that you do not make use of traditional style anti-slip products because these do not provide a pleasant feel and can also be quite gritty as well. It is important to pick a product that has special anti-slip properties and which after being applied will help to ensure that the outdoor decking becomes comfortable to tread upon.

Osmo Anti-Slip

When looking for such a product, be sure to check out the one called Osmo Anti-Slip Decking oil which is designed for application over wood oil or even over another product from the same company called Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain. However, this product will not be used on its own and so will have to be matched to the color of the decking.

The Osmo Anti-Slip Decking Oil is actually based on vegetable oils that are renewable and which are blended with anti-slip particles bind. This will help the oil to bind well and remain on the surface of the wood and will at the same time also ensure that the surface does not feel unpleasant when touched. This kind of decking oil will penetrate deep into the pores of the wood and its fibres and in this way will provide a long lasting protection level which will work inside the wood rather than from outside the wood.

B&Q Decking Oil

Another option for those who are looking for decking oils, B&Q Decking Oil is a good option. This product will provide good penetrative clear protection for all kinds of decks and is suitable for use on softwood and hardwood deckings. It costs just 19.98 pounds and is well worth choosing.


You may also want to check out another product which is the one called Cuprinol Decking Oil natural cedar 2.5L. This product will also penetrate and also replace natural oils and is water repellant as well. After it is applied, it will revitalize weathered wood and also provide all weather protection. It costs 27.98 pounds sterling and gives you good value for this sum.

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