Deckings FAQ

Deckings FAQ

Consulting the deckings FAQ pages of a decking company's website can prove to be very useful. These pages contain the questions that customers frequently ask and for which the decking company offers relevant answers that should set your mind at rest and help you understand a little bit more about the kind of decking solution you should be looking for. If you are interested in composite decking then you will find that the decking company that sells such products will provide a separate deckings FAQ page in which most of the questions that are going to arise in your mind will be answered.

What does the decking look like?

One of the first questions that you will ask and for which the deckings FAQ page will have an answer is that related to what does the composite decking really look like. The answer to this question is that composite decking looks very much like wood decking but it does not have grain but still will not look like plastic. The deckings FAQ answer will also inform readers about why composite is a good alternative to wood and is very similar to paving slabs. It is also the latest form of decking and is not a wood substitute either.

Decking profile

The second question that arises in most people's minds is that of what the decking profile is made from. The answer to this question is that the composition is fifty-five percent hardwood fibers and the remaining forty-five percent is high density polyethylene. There may be other ingredients used as well as including superior quality of colour pigmentation and an agent to wet and bond the material as well as good quality of UV light inhibitor.

Composite deckings

The third question that arises in the minds of customers that are thinking about purchasing composite decking is whether this material can be screwed just like is possible when constructing a wood decking. The deckings FAQ page will provide an answer to this question which is that it is possible to screw the composite material just like you can with wood. In fact, composites offer better screw and/or nail retention as compared to what wood is able to offer.

Normal tools?

Fourthly, people consult the deckings FAQ page of a composite decking company to find out whether when working with composites it is possible to make use of normal tools that are used for working with wood. Again, the answer is in the affirmative and so there is no need to find or use special tools and you can also use a normal saw to cut the composite.

Does composite material fade with the passage of time? This is a popular question for which an answer can be found in the deckings FAQ page. The answer is that the composite is made especially to minimize the risk of fading but even so, some amount of fading will be noticed in the first few months but this only helps to provide a more textured look. It is only the wood content that fades while the plastic content will hold on to its colour.

Other common question that are asked by customers and for which answers can be found in the deckings FAQ pages include those such as can composite be used for load-bearing applications and can it be painted, bent and is it fire retardant.

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