Decking Timber

Decking Timber

Purchasing the most suitable decking timber that suits different climatic conditions is generally the most important factor when picking timber for your deck. Rather than worry about the costs, it is important to check how well a particular timber stands up to the climate in your region. Those who are fortunate enough to live in areas that are generally dry with occasional rainfall can purchase their decking timber at a much more affordable cost. Those who live in areas where there is morning dew and plenty of showers and frost as well as snow will have to pay a higher price.

Naturally water repellent

The good news is that it is possible to purchase decking timber that is naturally water repellant and which does not rot or decay too easily. At the same time, there is one major problem that faces everyone – no matter what kind of decking timber they choose.

Color and facade

It is also wrong to assume that the choice of the right decking timber depends on the color as well as façade of the property and style of home. That one major problem that everyone faces when picking the best decking timber is that of location and the climatic conditions.

Dry regions

For those who are living in dry regions there is a good chance that they can purchase the relatively inexpensive decking timber such as pine softwood. When the conditions are rather dry there is less to worry about on account of fungus or moss because these will only threaten the timber in moist and wet conditions. By also treating the deck with an annual application of water repellant treatment prior to the rainy season you will manage to keep your deck in good condition for the entire year.

However, if the decking timber is not properly pre-treated or maintained then it will cause the wood to swell and rise which is certainly not a good thing. It is important to realize that by taking proper care of your decking timber you can make it last. However, if the timber is left to become bone dry then it will start to curl up from the heat and will become loose and also rise. If the timber swells it can cause the nails to rise up which is why proper maintenance is called for.

The best part is that maintaining pine decking timber is easy as you will only need to feed the wood and also protect it properly. A properly maintained pine deck will provide a wonderful smell and can be revitalized by hosing it down and brushing it clean. You can also tint this timber to any tone of wood so as to ensure that it matches with the rest of your home.

Before picking your decking timber, be sure to compare its costs so that you are able to find the most attractively priced option.

In case you live in wet conditions, then you will need to choose another kind of decking timber altogether. Here, the best options are cedar and redwood and even softwoods can prove to be a good option.

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