Decking Stains

Decking Stains

If the surface of a deck is marred with stains then there is no need to worry because there are several ways to remove decking stains. There are basic methods that will help you to clean up the deck and eliminate all the stains that are not of a serious nature. In case, the stains are especially difficult to remove then there are more advanced techniques that can be used to eliminate the stains?

Sweep the deck

The first step in regard to removing decking stains is to sweep the deck with the help of a stiff broom with which you will need to remove the dirt and debris which can clog up the cracks as well as corners of the deck. It is important to allow some space to be left between the boards of the decking and its corners as this will allow the water to run through. Next, wash the deck down thoroughly with the help of a garden hose.

Thorough cleaning

If the deck does not have stains that are visible then simply clean the deck with the stiff broom and use some household cleaner mixed with warm water to clean up the deck. In case there are stains on the deck then there is need to use more thorough methods of cleaning. For this, it may be necessary to rent out a pressure washer and be sure to protect your eyes with goggles when using this washer.

Clean the middle of the deck first

To remove decking stains, start by cleaning the middle of the deck and use the washer to spray that part and keep the head of the washer approximately 4 to 6 inches above the deck surface. Some people prefer using bleach solutions or strong commercial deck cleaners to help them remove decking stains. Be sure to cover up plants and shrubs around the deck with some plastic drop cloth so that these do not get discolored by chemicals.

Rubber gloves and safety goggles

Next, create a solution consisting of a cup of bleach (per gallon) to which add some warm water. You can also remove decking stains by making use of commercial deck cleaners and follow the instructions on the label when applying these. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and safety goggles. Make use of a stiff broom with which you can scrub the cleaner so that it gets into the decking.

In case of stubborn decking stains, be sure to clean those as thoroughly as possible with your hand. Make sure you do this with a scrub brush as well as suitable cleaning solution. Next, simply hose away the cleaning solution and all the remaining dirt. Do this thoroughly and make sure that you use clean water when doing so. This should help in removing all normal decking stains. However, if there are still some decking stains that remain then these will need to be removed by reapplying the deck cleaner which you can do with your hands.

If you also need to get rid of mildew, then apply a solution consisting of one part of water which is mixed with two parts of bleach. After use, be sure that your thoroughly rub away the solution within a few minutes.

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