Decking Cost

Decking Cost

Adding a deck to your property can help to create a perfect living area outside your home and in addition it will also help to add some value to the property as well. A well constructed deck can be used to entertain and to relax and is a welcome addition to any property. The deck can also be used to surround swimming pools and it can also open up that area so that you have a place where you can enjoy yourself further. The only real issue with constructing a deck is the relatively high decking cost involved. However, to ensure that the decking cost is affordable, you will need to calculate things such as the amount of money that has to be spent on buying materials and then there is the cost of labor involved – though you can cut this decking cost by constructing the deck as a DIY project.

DIY Decking

If you wish to build the deck yourself then the decking cost will come down. In order to calculate these decking costs you will need to measure the dimensions of the deck and find out the surface area of the deck. The best way to cut decking costs is by ensuring that the length and width are of equal size. Next, find out how much of decking lumber is required and note down this number.

Deck height

Now, it is time to measure the deck's height – but this is only necessary when the deck is to be raised over the ground. Find out how many stairs will be needed and also check the number of four by four inch posts that will be required. These posts must be spaced at maximum of eight feet distance from each other and they must also be placed in every corner. Note down this number. If the deck is not a raised one, then this step can be skipped.

Concrete footings

To accurately calculate decking costs of constructing your own deck it is also necessary to find out how many concrete footings are to be added to the base of each and every post. Note down this number as well.

It is also necessary to take a single two by six inch beam which must span the distance between all the sets of posts. So, if there are four posts on each side of the deck you will need four such beams whose length is calculated according to the surface size of the deck. Again, make a noting of this figure.

Number of joists

To calculate decking cost it is also important to place two by six inch joists across each beam and at eighteen inches distance. Calculate the numbers of joists that are required and note down this amount. For a deck with stairs, it is necessary to add a couple of stringers and make a note of the materials required.

Number of beams

The next part in your decking cost calculations is to check the numbers of beams and joist and then add some hardware to it. For each joist you may need a couple of joist hangers and proper numbers of screws/nails as well as three-inch lag screws. As you try and calculate the hardware be sure to add ten percent more material than is the total calculated.

Finally, check the cost of all the required items from a hardware store. Then, call contractors to find out what their decking cost estimates amount to. Now, you can decide whether the decking cost in a DIY project is lower than that of the contractor's. Depending on what the decking cost is you can choose whether to construct the deck on your own or get a contractor to do the work for you.

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