Cheapest Decking

Cheapest Decking

Decks provide people with a chance to relax and entertain in a special area of their homes. A deck serves as an excellent place where one can enjoy the wonders of nature and it also allows you to display your plants and flowers in the best manner possible. When it comes to constructing a deck there are many options available though most of them will cost a lot of money. Fortunately, for those who wish to economize on decking costs there are ways by which it is possible to build the cheapest decking possible.

On-grade deck

The cheapest decking is actually known as 'on-grade deck' which is built from material such as treated lumber. If you want to build the cheapest decking, then the first step is to go out and find an experienced contractor who enjoys a good reputation, especially with the BBB or Better Business Bureau. Such a person can build the cheapest decking for you after finding out what your main requirements are.

Important considerations

You must first decide on what size of decking is suitable for your needs and budget. The on-grade deck is certainly the cheapest decking and is normally built bang next to a property just above the ground level. There is no need to build steps or posts or rails and this is how such a decking option can prove to be the cheapest. Before giving the contract to build such cheapest decking it is important to obtain a quote from a contractor who must tell you what the turnkey project will cost including labor as well as materials.

Home building supply depot

Next, accompany the contractor to a home building supply depot and buy the necessary decking materials. You can save a lot of money by opting for treated lumber rather than vinyl decking. This is because the latter kind of material costs twice that of the former and so by using treated lumber you stand the best chance of constructing the cheapest decking possible.

Buy sealer

Next, go out and purchase some sealer which has to be put on your deck after it has been completed. This sealer will protect your deck and it has to be applied every three to four years. After sealing the deck, you will not only get to build the cheapest decking but you can enjoy the deck and hold barbeques and spend quality time with your family on the deck as well.

The thing that will strike you when you want to build the cheapest decking is that you will not be able to make use of treated wood. Instead, you will need to rely on using wood preservatives and you will also need to compromise on things such as making use of deck screws and not nails and you will need to make use of sanded plywood for the top part and not individual boards.

The good part about building cheapest decking is that though this is a more labor intensive project the end results can look just the same as any professionally made high quality deck.

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