Decking Stain

Decking Stain

Ronseal decking stain is the perfect option for those who are looking for colour and protection as well as waterproofing their decking. This product provides an excellent finish which is very water repellant and resists scuffs as well as is hardwearing. In fact, Ronseal decking stain has been developed to ensure that it can provide the best resistance to cracking and peeling and also will not blister.


There are six colour options available and Ronseal is in fact a perfect colour and protection for any decking. It resists cracks and flaking as well as peeling and will outperform the more conventional type of wood stains or varnishes and provides an all natural matt finish. Ronseal decking stain is available in Rustic Pine, Rich Mahogany, Country Oak and Golden Cedar colour options.


Sadolin Decking Stain & Preserver is another option that is worth checking out. This is a two-in-one stain as well as preserver that will offer the best protection to all kinds of timber decking. It boasts of UV active technology that provides hard wearing protection and will resist mould as well as fungal growth. This decking stain is also able to offer the very best weather protection as well.

Sadolin decking stain & Preserver is an ideal option for garden decking and is available in the following colours: Golden Brown, Natural, Red Cedar and Teak. In order to take best care of a decking it is important to brush the surface with a stiff broom so that all debris and dirt is removed. Make use of fungicidal wash to get rid of algae and mould. Let the decking dry up before cleaning it with some cloth that has been dampened with methylated spirits. Apply the finish in a complete coat in the direction of the grain. Sadolin decking stain & Preservatives and other products can be bought anywhere in the UK.


Rustins Decking Stain And Seal (2.5 litre) is another useful product. It is available in three colours including Brown Cedar, English Oak and Antique Pine. this decking stain should be applied with a clean brush or roller and about two to three coats need to be applied depending on the colour as well as level of protection required. Let the application remain for up to three hours so that each coat is given time to dry out. 2.5 litres will cover up approximately 35 square meters per coat.

Rustins decking seal and Stain will dry to provide a tough and water resistant as well as matt finish. It does not give off any major odor and will not yellow either. Once applied, this decking stain will resist cracking and peeling and will also not blister. It will at the same time offer long lasting protection to all of the external parts of the wood and will at the same time bring out the natural grain.


Finally, there is Protek decking stain that offers a good solution for those who are looking for clear wood. This particular decking stain is a wonderful anti-stain and it will make any deck look new. It is the perfect solution for not just decking but also for balustrades, garden furniture, summerhouses and more.

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