Decking Boards

Decking Boards

Decks are basically platforms made from timber which are useful in constructing flat surfaces or floorings that can bear and support weight. Decking boards can also be made from different materials and people tend to choose the boards depending on the kind of look they want and also according to the durability factor. Treated boards are a popular option while decking boards made from cedar, composite, plastic/PV and exotic woods are other popular options as well.

Popular options

These days, pressure treated decking boards have become very popular, especially for outdoor construction and the reason for this is that such decking boards are cost effective, durable and very readily available as well. Cedar is a very popular material as well because it resists insects and will not rot and so offers better service.

Exotic woods

Exotic woods are a good option for decking boards but these can be very expensive though at the same time they offer superior durability and will naturally resist rot as well as pests. Exotic boards also offer a more unique touch and look and this is one of the main reasons why people choose them despite the fact that those are very expensive.

Composite decking boards

Composite decking boards are normally made from plastic that has been recycled and wood fibers. These decking boards are available in numerous colors but these are, like cedar woods, quite an expensive proposition. Even Plastic/PVC decking boards are available in numerous colors but those are also pretty expensive options as well.


Ultimately, people choose decking boards depending on their needs and also according to how much they can afford to pay for these items. If you are planning on purchasing decking boards, then you may want to check out Q-Deck which is a brand that is well established and which enjoys a reputation for providing high quality and preservative-treated softwood decking products including decking boards. This company is able to provide bespoke Q-Grip slip resistant decking boards.

Another option for those who wish to purchase high quality decking boards, TDA offers good advice regarding these products that range in size from 75 millimeters to 150 millimeters wide and which have different appearances including plain, grooved, ribbed and enhanced grip. TDA or Timber Decking Association is really an organization that provides technical and other help regarding materials and also practices that are required in order to create the best quality deckings and other structures.

When choosing your decking boards, try and pick one that is made from timber that comes from the northern parts of Scandinavia and which has been slow grown for a minimum of eighty years. It should also have been pressure treated to ensure longer life and the timber should also have been kiln dried to ensure that it is less inclined to twist or split. Normally, such decking boards are about 3.6meters in length and 140 millimeters wide and 28 millimeters thick and the color is of natural timber. Such products are available at prices of 20 for 6.27 pounds each. They are available at online stores such as Wickes.

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