Decking Steps

Decking Steps

Decking steps serve a very useful purpose as they help you ascend to the level of a raised deck floor. Most decks are constructed to ensure that the owner is able to entertain their friends and other guests and normally the deck that they build will be one that is a raised one. It is important to pick the right kind of decking steps and safety should be a paramount concern at the time of constructing the steps. Building as well as repairing decking steps is easy tasks that anyone that has good handyman skills can complete on their own. Of course, the work can also be entrusted to a professional.

Build small platforms

However, if you wish to construct your own decking steps then you will need to start by building a small sized platform in your deck which can be done with the help of a few joists. The platform will help in producing the steps that in turn are about 5.5 to 7.5 inches deep. These are the most common riser heights. In case, you plan on constructing more than two decking steps then you may also need to make use of carriages or stringers which will help in constructing the other steps.

Anti-slip steps

When constructing your decking steps, be sure to construct them in a manner that ensures that the steps are not slippery, especially during the wet season. To create stable and non-slip steps, you should think about installing strips that are self adhesive and which are non-skid. These should be used on each and every step. These strips are very gritty and this property will help to improve the traction. Such strips are easily available at any hardware store and marine supply shop as well.

Two types to choose from

When constructing decking steps, be sure to pick from one of two types. The first kind is the one in which the boards (treads) are located inside the stringer and which will be held in place by cleats that can be made from metal or wood. The second type of decking steps is the one with a pair of diagonal sides (or stringers) that are cut out in the shape of a saw tooth and which helps to keep the surface flat and offers better stability.

Before building your decking steps, you should realize that it is easy to purchase pre-cut stair stringers at a hardware store or any good home center shop. In fact, it is easy to purchase all the required material and tools from a variety of sources including online shops. Many of the places that sell such material and hardware have a pretty diverse selection which you can pick and choose from.

In order to build your decking steps, you must complete a few essential steps. These include determining the rise and also the run of the decking steps. Next, it is important to complete the preparation of a concrete footer. After this step has been completed, you will need to begin preparing the stringer and then it is necessary to attach them.

Once this is done, then cut as well as attach the treads and finally complete the railings. You can also adorn the steps with lamps and if you are especially good at making things, then you can also use spiral decking steps which are a good option when space is at a premium.

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