Decking Rope

Decking Rope

Today, there is a growing demand for outdoor low level as well as elevated sun decking. In order to address this demand, there are a number of decking rope options available that can be used to give the decking a perfect finishing touch. In particular, decking rope can be used to create a nautical theme and the addition of such rope will also help in creating a much more attractive area.

Different rope grades

There are different grades of decking rope to choose from though manufacturers of such ropes generally recommend that you make use of natural fibers as these can be treated and that in turn will then help in extending the life of the decking rope. In fact, you should treat the decking rope with clear decking oil in the same manner as you would treat a decking timber.

Coloured options

Coloured decking ropes are also available but these tend to be made from polymer based fibers which after some time might change their colors and can break down under the effects of sunlight. These decking ropes cannot be treated and so there is not much that you can do to prevent the rope from fading or breaking down.

Poly hemp

However, you can opt for poly hemp decking rope that is manmade and which looks exactly like natural hemp. Such ropes also have a very soft textured finish and will last for a long time. Such ropes can generally outlast the coloured ropes because they have inbuilt UV inhibitor materials.

Allow for shrinkage/swelling

If you plan on using natural fiber decking rope, then you must purchase an additional ten percent which will cover for any shrinkage as well as swelling that is known to take place once the rope has become wet. If this rope becomes wet its length will shrink while its girth will expand. There are several different types of decking rope to choose from.

24mm x 2mts Decking ropes, Poly Hemp with fittings

This kind of decking rope can be made to measurement and is a good option for crowd control as well as display and also to create a barrier. It costs about 52 pounds.

Sisal rope

Sisal rope is another option that one can think about using as decking rope. This rope is made from absolutely natural fibers and is a perfect option for a decking project as well as for garden decorations and more. When purchasing this decking rope, be sure that you allow for a ten percent shrinkage of the rope. A 10mts x 20mm natural sisal rope costs about 17.50 pounds sterling.

For a wider selection of decking rope, be sure to check out Nationwide Splicing & Rope Services which offers a wide selection of rope sizes as well as colours. You can purchase your decking rope by the meter or by coil. By dealing with this company you can affect savings because there is no middleman involved and this will help you in getting the best prices. This is a company that was established in the year 1991 and it has since then grown to become a trusted name in all kinds of ropes.

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