Decking Screws

Decking Screws

When you build a deck, you are going to be investing both time and money and you would also at the same time want to create something to suit your lifestyle and which adds value to your home. In order to create a deck that will last for a considerable period of time it is important to use the correct hardware which should also be of a good quality. Decking screws are one of the most essentials items of hardware and those along with deck fasteners must be chosen very carefully. Quite simply, there is no alternative than to pick the best decking screws which has to serve an important purpose during the construction of the deck and also long after the deck has been completed.

Must not strip or break

It is important to pick decking screws that will not strip or break either before the installation is done or also after the installation has been completed. For a homeowner that is a DIY sort of person, before starting your deck building project, you must understand that buying cheap or inferior quality of decking screws will only lead to experiencing a horrible experience.

Do not compromise on quality

If you are planning on creating a wood deck and you also plan on using exotic hardwoods such as Garapa or IPe decking, then you certainly cannot afford to compromise on the quality of the decking screws. First of all, such decking materials are already quite hard to work with and so you will want to ensure that you end up using the right decking screws. Doing so will ensure that your deck construction and installation passes off smoothly.

Stainless steel

Even if you are not planning on using hardwood decking, you must still use the best decking screws. In this regard, it pays to shop for stainless steel screws and be sure to pick screws that are made of the best quality of stainless steel. 305 as well as 316 grades are widely used and are perfect for use with the more exotic types of hardwoods. Besides selecting a proper grade, it is also important to understand that stainless steel is not a very hard material and so will work well with hardwood decking.

Other materials may end up reacting to the hardwood and this can lead to corrosion and staining of the decking. Both 316 and 305 grad stainless steel decking screws are really well suited for deck building as they do not corrode and have superior drawing abilities and the best formidability. The high amount of corrosion resistance provided by these two grades will help to ensure that the decking screws last for a long time and can withstand changes in the seasons as well as the weather. A cheap set of screws, on the other hand, can lead to many problems including cam-out and the heads can become stripped and the worst thing that can happen is that the screws might snap.

It is important to address the issue of stripping very carefully. So, be sure to focus on the screw heads. The right kind of screw heads is normally only available in the better quality decking screws and so these are what should be chosen.

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